Myo Safari Navigation.


####Check it out on Github #####Control browser navigation in Safri using only gestures

Built using:  

In September 2014, I went down to Waterloo for “Hack The North”, and got the opportunity to get my hands on a Myo by Thalmic Labs. I was already working on another hack at this point, but I couldn’t resist playing around with this neat toy for a few hours. In barely any time I wrote a simple Safari plugin that allows users to do basic browser navigation using only hand gestures.

The folks over at Thalmic Labs have done an increadible job of making this platform super easy to develop on and were very helpful. I cannot wait to see what awesome things other developers come up with using this tool. I want to be able to walk through my house and be able to control everything with just a gesutre: open my doors, turn on my tv, change the temperature, the possibilities are limitless.

If you have a Myo and want to try out the plugin. The source code is avalable on Github, or if you just want the plugin, it is downloadable here.

####This project is all open-sourced under the The MIT License and available here

MADE WITH LOVE BY Martin Gingras