####Check it out: #####*Interactive map to see where people are saying whatin the world people are saying *

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This project is the logical iteration on my last venture,, it adds the capability to chose which words you’d like to see tracked for yoursef.

###Live Demo:

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###Inspiration I was encouraged to make this project by many people who saw, and now here it is.

###Technical Stuff

This project builds on my last project,, which has an open-sourced repo for anyone looking to see how exactly it was made.

For this application I stopped tracking specific keywords in my request to Twitter’s API. Instead I now track all Tweets that are geo tagged. Right now this causes me to hit the rate limit for streaming applications pretty hard and unfortunately causes the application to lose many tweets. I am looking to get elevated access to the Twitter stream to resolve this (fingers crossed). I have considered using dynamic track parameters and other work arounds however when you chain filters in the Twitter GET you receive all tweets that match either parameter. For this reason just tracking the “F-word” was causing my application to be rate-limited as well even though 99% of the tweets returned aren’t geo tagged.

To choose what tweets users see, there is a simple JS regex on the client-side to filter the returned tweets and only then display the matching ones.

If anyone has an idea to work around beside what I have I would love to hear it.

Send me an email with any suggestions!!

MADE WITH LOVE BY Martin Gingras